New Final Fantasy Concert to Make Minnesota Debut
Final Fantasy has one of the most diverse and celebrated video game soundtracks of all time. Famed composer Nobuo Uematsu has created some truly beautiful and emotional—not to mention groundbreaking—pieces for the game series through the years. Final Fantasy VII was the first video game to have a track featuring digitized vocals and is still widely regarded as one of the most influential soundtracks in the video game industry. The best of the Final Fantasy soundtracks have been curated into concerts, which have toured their way through orchestra halls worldwide since 2004. The newest ensemble, A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy, is making its midwest debut right here in Saint Paul, MN this February! The show, which promises to be an intimate affair, will feature a smaller orchestra and Grammy Award-winning composer Arnie Roth. This is an experience die hard Final Fantasy fans in Minnesota and the surrounding area definitely will not want to miss. A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy Amsterdam Bar and Hall Doors 7:00 PM / Show 8:00 PM Thursday, Febuary 5th 2015 Friday, February 6th 2015 Each show is limited to 340 tickets. The first opportunity to experience the most intimate FINAL FANTASY music performances in the upper Midwest are at the Amsterdam Hall in St. Paul, a venue renowned for it¹s own intimacy and live music experience. With just 340 seats, these performances of A New World allow for remarkable access and perspective inside the music of FINAL FANTASY on two amazing nights. Led by Grammy Award-winner Arnie Roth, featuring acclaimed piano soloist Benyamin Nuss and the New World Players, these concerts promise an unforgettable FINAL FANTASY musical experience. Highlights include: FINAL FANTASY X: Zanarkand, FINAL FANTASY II: Rebel Army Theme, FINAL FANTASY V: Home, Sweet Home, FINAL FANTASY IV: The Red Wings FINAL FANTASY VII: Those Who Fight, and much more. A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY by A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY
Joseph Opsahl