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I incorporate diet, supplements and herbs in a targeted, therapeutic and individualized fashion so that we address your (or your child's) root health issues. I make the process as simple, doable and understandable for you and your family. Not only will we bring the body back into balance but you get the results you were wanting. In addition to the thorough intake, I look at any tests or other records you may have and may suggest additional testing if root causes are not so obvious. My rate is hourly but if you choose a package, the rate is reduced. For packages, payment due at first consult. Initial Consult: This visit is typically 60-90 minutes long in order to get a history and learn about your root causes. Follow up Consults: These visits are typically 45 minutes. In this first follow up session we go over my findings, root causes, and we discuss the starting place and plan of action. For Parents: This is my holistic plan for parents looking to improve the mental health (ADHD, depression, anxiety) of their child. Information can be found at http:/ Otherwise, opt for the initial consult and follow ups as needed. Initial Consult plus 4 follow up: Visits extends over a 3-6 month time period. While a great deal can be learned in the initial consult, most people achieve success in attaining their goals through regular commitment. These regularly scheduled sessions will give you maximum benefit with a nutrition professional. This length of time will support you and help you stick with your goals. This plan includes one initial consult, 4 follow up sessions, a tailored gradual step by step plan of action, along with nutrient, food and supplement support. Email support once per week included. Initial Consult plus 10 follow ups: I have found this to be the most effective option if you have tried to make a health change but are overwhelmed by all the information, or succeed only partially and/or go back to your old health habits. This is a gradual step by step approach over the course of 6 to 12 months, tailored to meet your needs so that you can reach your goals and sustain them! (One 90 minute consult and 10-45 minute follow up consults) Summary of Findings: You may just want results, not all the details! But if you are the type that wants all the information then you can request a "Summary of Finding" which will break everything down to root causes to help you understand what is going on in your body. (ask for this if you want it in addition to the consult) Lab/Blood Work Review: Those in the functional health field (versus Western Medicine) will look at blood work a bit differently than your traditional doctor. I do not diagnose, treat or cure, but based on what I see I can make food, herb and supplement recommendations for you and will go over the lab work in detail with you. I often feel like a psychic when I review labs because it can tell me a great deal about a person. The good thing is that not only can I tell what is going on, but we can create a plan to address it! Ask the Nutritionist a Question! Do you just want your nutrition and health questions answered? This is offered in 15 minute increments via phone, email, in person or using instantgo app. Keep it simple and affordable! Get the answers you need to take charge of your or your child's health. Don't see a service that fits your health and nutrition needs? Contact me so we can tailor the service for you! To schedule an appointment contact Tru Foods at 303-522-0381. Payment required at time of initial consult. Payment plans available-contact for information