National Support Line Set Up For Vulnerable Police Officers In The United Kingdom
A national support line for officers who are vulnerable has been set up through a joint partnership between the Police Federation of England and Wales and the Police Firearms Officers Association. The Welfare Support Programme will be able to access the right kind of help for officers who are considered vulnerable for any reason, which could include involvement in death or serious injury incidents, suspension from duty or potentially as a result of medical or personal reasons. The service can also help the families of officers and those dependent on them. The programme will provide a 24/7 support line manned by trained professionals; and a full-time welfare support officer who will work alongside federation representatives to support officers and their immediate families.It is available to subscribing members of the Federation who have been involved in a death or serious injury incident at work that results in post incident investigation and to officers who are suspended from duty.To access the programme, the National Federation said contact must initially be made with a local branch board or contact: more on Metropolitan Police Federation website.Source: