Local PD In Ohio Get Warning System To Protect Police Dogs From Hot Cars
About 30 police dogs across the U.S. have died since 2012, trapped in squad vehicles during hot weather. From Ohio Public Radio station WCPN, Brian Bull reports that one local K-9 unit in Twinsburg is stepping up efforts to keep its four-legged partners safe.The device is called the Hot N Pop Pro by Ace K9. The device alerts the officer if he doesn't let the dog out of the back by beeping the horn or even turning on the siren.If there's no response, heat sensors track the temperature and if it gets too hot, the windows roll down, a fan turns on and the air conditioning automatically turns on. It also alerts if the car battery is low.Twinsburg’s PD has not suffered the loss of a K9 animal to heat-related causes. Altogether, there are about 20,000 police dogs serving in K9 units, according to the North American Police Work Dog Association.Listen to the report on WKSU.Source: