Mental Health Resources Available for Detroit Law Enforcement
When we hear about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) we think of men and women recently back from battle zones around the globe. Yet there are people suffering from PTSD right here at home with repercussions for those sworn to protect and serve our communities — our local police.A serious issue within law enforcement, mental health disorders aren’t necessarily limited to any specific race, gender or socio-economic class. One in four people will be impacted by mental illness.In our society, there is an extra stigma attached to police officers that often prevent them from seeking the treatment they need.By the very nature of their job, police officers are routinely exposed to extraordinary stressors. The Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority meets regularly with such local law enforcement agencies as the Detroit Police Department, Wayne County Sheriff Office, Wayne Police Chiefs Association and Airport Authority Police, building relationships in order to better serve and support them.Read more in The Detroit News.Source: