How to Make Your Evergreen Christmas Wreaths Look Like The Professionals | Farm Style Wreaths|Book Fold Art|Home Decor|Book Folding|DecoratingTips|Handmade Gifts
You all know what a mess an evergreen wreath base is when you first get them, Right! To get it to look it's best you must FLUFF it! I always like to add extra greenery to mine to give it a nice full look. Here is an example of a wreath that is half fluffed. You can see on the left side it has already been fluff and the right side has not! What I find easiest to do is to lay your wreath down on your work table. Then with both hands reach into the wreath and start separating each and every branch. You want to straighten all of them out and make sure they're not bent. When you have separated the branches you want to position them is different direction. You can do this as you go along or just wait until you're done separating and then go back. Have some pointing towards the center, some pointing towards the outside of the wreath and of course some straight up. This gives it a natural look. Once you have the fluffing all done you can either leave it as is or add other greenery to it for