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Does your Wreath Keep Sliding Down Your Glass Door? I never realized just how many people have glass storm doors until I moved to the Mid West. Where I lived before security doors were the common thing. They're not the prettiest looking door and hard to hang wreaths on too! So, I always hung my wreath to the side of the door and that worked for me. Storm doors sure do take away from a beautiful front door. I always thought if you invested in a good door why put on a storm door? Oh well, so how do you hang a wreath on one? Most of you like to hang a wreath during the holidays if not year round and they usually won't fit between the front door and storm door, unless it's rather flat, but hanging them on a glass door is tricky depending on the weight of the wreath. • Large Suction Cup, these cups for lighter weight wreaths. Make sure the glass is clean when you stick the cup on. • Metal Wreath Hangers have been used but it may get bent trying to close the door on it or possibly