Autism And Discipline: Why I Don’t Spank | Autism: Finding Treasures In The Dust
This may be the most controversial post I've written. Never the less, this is our story.... I recently posted a question on Facebook asking for ideas on how to get Stevie to stop throwing things down the stairs. Amidst several creative, problem solving ideas, were some more traditional suggestions that I "just spank him". After all, it is a direct disobedience of the rules, right? So, let me just "go there" for a minute. The assumption is that spanking works, and that it is a reasonable punishment for direct disobedience. While that may be true (although not publicly acceptable anymore) for some typically developing kids, it is not true for all kids, especially those on the spectrum. For any punishment to work, there are 3 things that must be understood by the child, according to Bill Nason, MS, LLP: They must know that what they did was wrong, they must know what to do that is right in that situation, and they chose the wrong thing (which assumes they were able to choose the right