Thriving! | Autism: Finding Treasures In The Dust
(For those new to this blog, let me do a quick introduction of the family: Sage and Hope are 10 year old twins (Sage has autism and ADHD, Hope is NT), Stevie is my 7 year old (autism, ADHD, food allergies, asthma) and Joy is our 19 month old baby girl, who is NT as far as we can tell.) Did you know that pure joy pumps you up into a wild explosion of squirting mess, kinda like a water balloon being filled until it bursts? I hope I don't get any of you wet. Today is a snow day, but even better, yesterday was report card day! Now, I do realize that most of you don't like either, but maybe I can at least change your mind on the report card part! I have seen too many facebook posts this morning about strangling a certain groundhog to even go there today. Yesterday the kids brought home their report cards. Hope got a great report, as she always does. She constantly amazes us; we are so proud of her! Sage however, doesn't test well. He is so very bright, but it is never reflected on his