The Unveiling: Treasure Cards Are Here! | Autism: Finding Treasures In The Dust
Hello everybody! Some of you may know (because of an accidental publishing before it was ready (sigh...) that I have been working on making something that I can GIVE to YOU! I wanted to make something for you that you can take and make your own, that would encourage you with the living and active Word of God as it relates to your family. And, I wanted it to be fun, and attractive to look at, and to be something you can carry around with you. So, I am opening a new section of the blog for Give Aways, and the first are these Treasure Cards. These are verses that I have written about, or that have meant a lot to me by personalizing them for my family. I made one set that is written as if your child is a boy, and one for girls. You can print them out--they are business size cards, so you can print it on Avery business cards and then either hole-punch them and put them on a ring, or just carry them in your wallet or purse. You can even laminate them if you would like! (I really