Perfect Gifts | Autism: Finding Treasures In The Dust
Merry Christmas to you! I have a special downloadable Christmas gift for you! The past few months, I've been dabbling in Art Journaling, and especially what I call Art Journaling Scripture as a way to meditate on the Word. I would like to share one of my pages with you, but first I want to give you a little background about the verse: When we first found out about autisms touch on our family, I heard many things from friends and family members. A lot of what I heard was encouraging, but every once in a while, someone would say something that was harmful, despite their good intentions. Things such as,"I didn't have a perfect child either." Or maybe there was an implied, "Isn't that sad." Maybe you have experienced this too, especially if you are just now discovering autism in your family. The implication that a child with a difference or disability is lesser, broken or imperfect version of a child was the most hurtful of the things I heard. I love my children just as they are. Their