Never Give Up! | Autism: Finding Treasures In The Dust
At school last week, Stevie wrote this Valentine note (pictured above) to me. It was so very sweet. I am sure he had someone helping him pay attention to the task and help him come up with ideas of what to write. I can tell he was partially distracted, at least, because of the messiness of his handwriting. Regardless, I love it! An "Awwwwww!" escaped my lips when I discovered it in his book-bag. It the sweetest note, and also true, no matter how much help he required to do it. Stevie still loves to bake with me. And he loves to cook. He is still watching Youtube cooking videos, and he is learning what the different foods are for the very first time. He never cared to learn about different foods before, so this is a huge step, and I am finally filled with anticipation of where this may lead. He may, for the very first time since he was 2 or 3 years old, try a new food! I highly suspect that he will sneak this first taste when I am not looking. Maybe he already has! The