Letter #7: Entering The Early Intervention System | Autism: Finding Treasures In The Dust
Dear New Autism Mom, I have returned to the coffee shop tonight, and find myself thinking of you and offering prayers on your behalf. How are you doing? We've been super busy since the school year started. It always amazes me how many meetings are required in order to start another year! As I sat in a meeting this morning, I wondered if you've been connected to your early intervention team yet. I remember the first time we met with ours, it was horrible. I had been in similar meetings years ago, but as a service provider. Now as a parent advocating for her own child, it's a whole different story. Especially since I avoid conflict at almost all cost. But for my child? The price was too high and Momma Bear emerged from deep places within. Prior to this, I didn't know the heart has such depths! Getting services in place was an intense time of my life. I had not fully grasped what it meant to raise a child with autism (but, do we ever?), and I had not come to the point of embracing