Fried Mommy With A Side Of Coffee | Autism: Finding Treasures In The Dust
HOW TO FRY A MOMMY in just a few simple steps: Child goes missing (briefly) Child's clothing (all of it) laying by the swing Said child found naked in the woods Child drawing on the house with crayon Child drawing on cars with chalk Child attempting to pull door off hinges Child pulling the door paneling off the door Child pulling outlet cover off the outlet while screwed to the wall Child screaming unnaturally loudly Child swooshing dvd player, apple TV gadget & Wii console onto the floor Child hiding red wagon up the street near the swamp so he could run back to tell me about it Child running away when called and then sitting in the middle of the street to wait for me Child cutting his shorts with scissors Child trying to cut hair with scissors Child drawing on walls in house with crayon Child refusing medicine Child purposefully projectile vomits medicine across the room Child grabs medicine in cup and