Everything I Need to Know I learned in OT | Autism: Finding Treasures In The Dust
Have you ever tried to run in a straight line after spinning in circles? I vividly remember trying to dizzy myself with my brother and sister when I was little. We'd spin and spin and then fall to the floor and watch the room spin around us while we remained plastered to the floor. I loved that! It was so much fun to be aware that I was not moving even though the world around me was telling me that I was. My oldest son used to spin a lot as well. But he never fell to the ground to enjoy the sensations. He didn't GET the sensations! He could spin and spin and then run straight away without loosing balance. Simply amazing. When Sage was diagnosed with autism, the service first available to us was OT (Occupational Therapy). For a long time, I was sure that was all that was truly needed, because of how drastic it's effects were, and the fact that we learned so. very. much. Our OT was our introduction into the world of Sensory Processing. Did you know that there are tiny hairs in