A Valentine: Lessons From Sweet Pea Beauty, Part 2 | Autism: Finding Treasures In The Dust
I remember when the twins were just about one year old. They were playing together in the living room, and I was thinking about how shockingly beautiful they are to me. "God, you made them perfect! They are just beautiful!" "Yes they are, I made them exactly as I intended them to be. And that is how I see you, too." Struck profoundly by His words to me, and the understanding that I was smack in the presence of a Holy God, I tucked those words in the "do not forget" folder of my heart and sat, processing what He said. I did not know how God was using those words. But He was, as He crafted together His story; forever enchaining the soon-to-be past to the future. About a year and a half later, we recognized Sage's autism. God reminded me of his words, "I made them exactly as I intended them to be. They are perfect." And I was reminded that God is Holy. He doesn't make mistakes. God knew Sage has autism all along. It was only a surprise to me. Sage's autism is not an oversight by God;