A Persistent Pursuit and a Rambunctious Kid | Autism: Finding Treasures In The Dust
The other day I was going through piles of clutter that has accumulated over the years, trying to purge more of the bullying junk that threatens to overtake our home. As I was looking through a particular pile of what seemed to be scrap paper, I saw that it was actually tiny torn pieces of construction paper that had stick-figure drawings on them. "I love you, Mommy & Daddy!" was written on one of the cards Hope made. Hope must have been around six at the time of it's creation. The next card in the pile I found was a line drawing of her and her twin brother Sage holding hands. I called Hope over to show her the treasure I found, and Sage darted over to see it too. When he saw the picture, he assumed the position on the card and sat by Hope, taking her hand. Now, you need to understand that Sage and Hope are 2 weeks shy of being 12 year old twins. Hope does not appreciate her brothers affections one bit. She does not want him to touch her, sit near her, breathe on