When Leadership is Tough - Travis Waits
As a leader I am responsible and accountable. As there is no due process in the court of public opinion, all I can control is the choices I make today. Life for sure, is not fair. Many have prescribed a definition of my past that is not true. Consequences of their malicious slander have been life changing for me. Through a very painful process of vulnerability, grace, and forgiveness — my integrity and character have been deeply developed. My vision has been refined, and my mission galvanized. Part of leadership is learning to hold onto your integrity, to guard your heart, and not allow anyone, or any noise, — define who you are, or how you are supposed to lead. With humble resolve, I have walked a path few would dare without burning bridges and throwing grenades. I have had the profound blessing of experiencing true grace, that only the mature and wise can offer. For those relationships, I am grateful, as they have modeled what real restoration and reconciliation are all about. I know who I am. God’s love never fails. I have learned that God will never leave you how he found you. That unfortunately, the church community, nor the counseling community, is very often, not a safe place to be human. The judgement of the self-righteous is only noise. We are each more valuable than the choices we make, and rare is the person who can truly dispense real grace. Related