Travis and Jaime Speak on Brokenness and Redemption - Travis Waits
Travis and Jaime teach multiple topics, both together and individually providing ministry leadership consulting. They have spoken to large & small groups on the topics of intimacy in marriage, boundaries, parenting, recovery, authenticity, and identity, to name a few. They bring real-world experience as leaders in ministry that have ‘walked their talk’! Whether the purpose if for your marriage ministry event, retreat, or topic-specific workshop Travis and Jaime can assist you in meeting the specific needs, and purpose for your event. They only deliver messages that get to the core of the participants and creates productive change that is authentic. They believe effective speaking only exists if it truly impacts the audience in a way that moves them to think, change, and create new action. If you want authentic, challenging, and real then this is for you. Their message’s will inspire the group to action beyond the event. Church Leadership Consulting Are the unspoken rules of your church leadership team, elder board, or committee dysfunctional? Most are, so you are not alone. Travis & Jaime facilitate a healthy engagement process that not only identifies the core issues impacting the DNA and driving the politics in your church staff, but more importantly, empowers you to address these in a healthy way. They provide experiential training that infuses health into your team, and allows the organization to truly live out it’s mission. Have a situation on your staff that is “delicate” but needs to be addressed redemptively, timely, and professionally? Travis and Jaime have outlined a number of specific church staff plans for restoration, correction, and the health and safety of all involved. Instead of allowing fear, damage control, or image management to dictate the decisions your church or organization makes regarding its most important asset, its leaders, let us walk alongside you so that the process is redemptive to all involved. Ministry Team Training Leading a volunteer-based ministry team or program is extremely challenging. The leverage you have only comes from your influence so having buy-in from all involved towards the leadership vision is critical. Travis and Jaime can provide the concrete and tactical delivery of the training your volunteer leaders need in order for them to be fully equipped to serve in your ministry. Related