Restoration in Leadership: Pastor Travis and Jaime Waits testimony of redemption - Travis Waits
The husband and wife team: Travis Waits and Jaime Waits, have a passion for equipping leadership couples to be authentic and effective, not only in their leadership role’s, but also in their couple relationships. Travis and Jaime share from their personal experience of growing their marriage through the challenge of leadership. The have done the courage work together in deepening their marriage through the crucible of vulnerability. This is a preview of some of their story they share together about their family crisis, redemption of their marriage, hope, and grace that occurs when restoration is NOT redefined! This was their first public testimony of Pastor Travis Waits with his wife Jaime since 2010. In this clip, pastor Travis & Jaime Waits preview some of the redemption story of their marriage, as they share together about their family crisis, hope, and grace that occurs when restoration is pursued! You can view the clip in it’s entirety here. Leadership is most effective when it is authentic and ethical. It can be a temptation to try and fake authenticity by compromising ethics. In this clip, Travis & Jaime Waits explain the steps necessary to guide leaders towards authenticity in relationship, using an ethical framework that is effective and easy to apply. In this video, Travis & Jaime share how to empower one another to identify the core of ‘who you are’ and how that impacts others in relationship. Utilizing a common tool to explore leadership blind spots and masks that disrupt communication, primarily within the context of relationship (called “Joharis Window”…), they describe a process for increasing effectiveness in communication for couples in leadership positions. Related