Leveraging Positive Disruption in Leadership by Travis Waits - Travis Waits
Differentiation is the key to your Authentic Leadership, by Travis Waits Your ability to make profound impact as a leader is contingent on your ability to differentiate. What that means is that from an authentic stance, you are who you are, and what-we-see-is-what-we-get. There is no “act” between who you are at your core, and what you present to the world. For most leaders, this level of differentiation, and authenticity is only developed through a trial by fire. Pressure, stress, and struggle are the great equalizers for all leaders, and if there are cracks at the foundation of your leadership ethics, they will show up on the surface, whether you want them to or not. Under pressure, how do you perform? Does your internal conviction guide your character to make right choices and right decisions when distressed? We all experience disruptions in life, and leadership. For each of us to be able to leverage these as positive growth opportunities requires courage to live authentically, risk vulnerability, and help from others that have walked before us. Who you are when no one is looking is a good indicator of how you are currently doing at this… Leadership strategist and author Travis Waits shares from his personal experiences in the trenches of leadership practical steps to differentiate for professional success. Travis guides his clients to discover, and overcome barriers to their authenticity through his unique training system. Travis understands the hidden problem of leadership: a disconnect in alignment between who a leader is in their core, and what they do externally in their position of influence. Travis drives for authenticity so that his clients can achieve their magnitude of mission. Related