Safeguarding the Impact of your leadership Influence by Travis Waits - Travis Waits
Travis Waits talks about the impact we make as leaders from our influence. With all the pitfalls in the landscape of leadership today, it is critically important that you know how to safeguard your integrity and character that guides your leadership ethic. To do this authentically requires courage for self-examination, to be open to growth. It is impossible for any one of us to do this alone — we only change and grow in the context of relationship. That is why it is so important for leaders to have a safe, objective sounding board that can advise them in their leadership development. As you trainer, coach, or speak to those in the trenches of leadership (business, startups, entrepreneurs, family) are you growing and “sharpening the saw” as Dr. Stephen Covey states. You cannot give what you do not possess. As a coach of coaches, or leader of leaders your influence will only extend as far as your own continued growth and development. Travis Waits empowers leaders to expand the depth of their authenticity, truly differentiating not just in the marketplace, but more so, as professional’s who have an expand impact from their leadership influence as a result. If this resonates with you, please let me know below: Related