Choosing when to stick to your guns - Travis Waits
Many leaders describe what they do as “authentic,” but is it really? To differentiate yourself as a leader today means that your outside matches your inside, that is the true measure of authenticity. It does not matter what context your leadership position is in, business, corporate, organizational, or community — all leadership contexts require that the leader have an internal conviction regarding their vision. Without this, the people they ‘lead’ are not empowered to fulfill the mission and it impacts the culture of the organization so that productivity, and success are limited. People will only follow you if you “get it.” Authenticity cannot be faked, though many in leadership try. If you want people to buy what you are selling, then you need to do the necessary work on yourself, about yourself to drill down what your internal convictions are. Once you clarify these, then you can implement a practical strategy for fleshing that out, and making an impact you were called to make as a leader. Related