Travis Waits: Authentic leaders get up - Travis Waits
God’s grace always violates mans sense of justice. There are many within society, but especially prominent in American “church” that have a profound desire to define people by their worst day. Funny, Jesus is recorded to have hung out with people on their worst day, actually stand between them and the religious of the day (if you missed that sunday school story see the ‘woman caught in adultery’…). This could get messy. I’m amazed at how many leadership principles come out of the Bible, yet so many in positions of spiritual leadership do not embody the theology they prescribe. If you want an instant argument among church leaders, just mention the word restoration, hypocrisy, restoration, or grace. Regardless of your leadership position and setting,… church leader, business owner, executive professional, entrepreneur… you will make mistakes. If you are an authentic leader, you will leverage your integrity to own your mistakes, stand up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward. If you are not an authentic leader, you will hide, shift blame, run, or try to live in denial. Good luck with that. Too often leaders who fall down, make missteps are accused of being hypocrites, that term only applies if when you fall down you don’t get back up. Try celebrating, empowering, restoring, helping, coming alongside a leader (in any position) that has blown it somehow. The best leaders get up after they’ve fallen… are you helping them up? OR are you keeping them down? Related