Are you sure you're authentic? - Travis Waits
In the wake of the leadership void that exists in every area of our society, people are craving leadership that calls them to a mission greater than themselves, and infuses them with the courage to ‘take the hill’ regardless of the gusts of oppositional wind in their face. Authentic leaders know how to do this because they have walked this road themselves, and that power of a transformed life resonates, and inspires. I invite you to risk examining your authenticity style and your leadership in this FREE online course with me. This is a precursor that will prepare you for my Authenticity Training Series course, should you meet the criteria to take that next step. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THIS FREE AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP E-COURSE Once you’re logged in, you’ll receive a FREE 6 day Leadership course on your personal leadership development style. You will receive one assignment per day, and I will give you feedback along the way. If you choose to, you will be able to interact with every member of this course as well. Once you’ve completed the course, let’s jump on a call together to strategize what next steps to take. As a leader it is critical, no mandatory, that you possess the ability to infuse courage in others in order to empower them. The two must go hand in hand, empowering must be fueled by courage. Motivation and incentives only go so far if they come from outside ourselves. Courage is not the absence of fear, courage is the capacity to keep moving in spite of your fear. Leaders that are able to inspire in others the ability to “call deep (their) courage” as Dr. Brene’ Brown states, empower others from the inside out. This builds resiliency and draws on internal conviction, and is intertwined with character. As you post your homework and journal responses, please be sure to mark your responses with ‘just my coach’ if you only want to maintain confidentiality, and so only I will see your entries. Lead well! -Travis CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR THIS FREE AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP E-COURSE Related