Rules For A Suitcase Packed To Perfection - Travel Dean
Wouldn’t it be nice to arrive at your destination to find a zen garden of neatly rolled chinos and T’s in your suitcase – rather than it looking like a tornado stormed through your bag, covering everything with gunk from your toiletries bag? The act of traveling is stressful enough, especially when there’s in-laws waiting for you on the other end. You don’t need the hassle of having to re-organize your stuff when you hit the hotel, where it’s time to de-stress. So while traveling can bring about a whole lot of unexpected stresses that are out of your control, what you can do is bring a sense of calm with you on your trip. And that starts with your suitcase – something that’s totally in your control. Don’t get us wrong, packing the perfect suitcase is definitely an art. And that’s why we’re here to help you with these 10 simple tips to master the art of packing, creating a bag that’s just as worth of an Instagram “like” as the rest of your vacation photos are.