American Towns To Inspire The Artist In You - Travel Dean
Have you traveled to a bunch of places, yet none seem to speak to your inner artist? The photographer, painter, writer, creative genius in you that’s always thirsty for more inspiration for your next masterpiece? Well then perhaps it’s time you paid a visit to the places where some of history’s most talented artists birthed their most creative works of art. The Hemmigways and Dalis of the world all at one point congregated in some of Americas most beautiful, tucked away hidden city treasures. Be it out of a sense of adventure, poverty, or like most artists – a disdain for convention, there are urban slums and small towns all across this great country of ours that have inspired many of the greats to create there, because they’re rich with natural beauty. So if a visit to an old western ghost town is just what you need to inspire your own independent film, or, you simply want to experience a place where the scenery is every bit as picturesque as the most beautiful of paintings – then we have a list of places to consider for your next trip that’ll tap into that inner creative genius of yours, inspiring it to create your next masterpiece.