An American Arab Spring - The New American Revolution - The Transcendence Diaries
Yes... we can go on and on posting what's wrong with America in the 21st century on various social media as we do till we're blue in the face. But who are we reaching? Others just like us. And since we already know all this and we can't help but constantly remind each other of these same issues day after day, what good is it actually doing? Nada. Sharing what this corrupt senator or that corrupt White House did yesterday or last month or what they plan to do in the future is old hat. It's boring. And more importantly it's not getting us anywhere. It's a tired charade because we're frightened of what we really need to do. The real post that we should be sharing by now is WHAT the SOLUTION is. And what is the PLAN? How are we going to stop it all? From the inside it appears that we have generally four options: