Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico | Copper Canyon Tours & Expeditions
Los Mochis is a modern Agricultural and industrial city. It serves as the municipality of Ahome, in 2010 population was 256,613 wish was 61% of the municipality's population. Here you'll find plenty of eco-tourism activities, interesting museums offering an insight to the region's past and a great variety of dishes prepared with fresh seafood due to its proximity to the coast. Visit Topolobampo bay, take a cruise through the smaller bays, estuaries and mangroves. Experiences dolphin families during the ride and bird island is compared to the Galapagos because of its own environment, see lots of seals. One of our tours, Day Trip to Topolobampo Bay covers this cruse of the bay, the dolphin and seal encounters and a guided tour of the city of Los Mochis, it's the best way to check it all out. The Sinaloa Botanic Garden is full of both native plants and specimens from abroad, plus a large variety of bird species. You will be able to admire rare exotic plants from India, Java, Africa and