Los Mochis Copper Canyon Tour | Copper Canyon Tours & Expeditions
All Inclusive Tour Package This all inclusive tour provides you with 4 amazing fun filled days of unforgettable sights, people, places and events. The following is daily event itinerary for this Copper Canyon tour detailing your 4 day discovery adventure. Day 1: Mochis to El Fuert You will be welcomed at the Los Mochis International Airport (LMM or other), by an English-speaking representative of Viajes Cañon del Cobre. He will drive you to the charming colonial town El Fuerte Sinaloa; 1 hour 45 min. away from Los Mochis. You will check-in at the magnificent boutique hacienda Hotel Torres Del Fuerte, a recently restored antique mansion located one block away from the main plaza in the historical district. Overnight---- Torres Del Fuerte Hotel Meals included: Diner at Bonifacio's Gourmet Restaurant. Day 2: The Canyon Adventure After a worthy breakfast at Hotel Torres Del Fuerte we have scheduled private transportation to take the First-class train better known as "El