Longest Zip Line in the World | Copper Canyon Tours & Expeditions
Length: 8,350 feet Vertical Drop: 1450 feet Average Percent Grade: 17% Two cables side by side Top Speed: 65 mph Flight time: 2 minutes 20 seconds Copper Canyon Adventure Park >> Zipping Over Mexico's Copper Canyon I'm scared of heights, which begs the question: What the hell was I doing zipping across a 1500 foot deep canyon on nothing more than a cable, some pulleys and assorted safety equipment? The adrenaline rush is part of it -- I'm not too old for that -- but it was the views more than anything. As I soared faster than I have ever traveled before without mechanical propulsion, I had plenty of time to look at the maze of canyons below. Keep reading >> by Don Mankin Travel writer The Huffington Post 7/18/14 The question is are you up for this Ride?