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Lake/Dam Fishing / Deep Sea Fishing / Dove Hunting Largemouth bass fishing in El Fuerte Lakes / Dam Looking to catch your own dinner? ... let's go fishing for some Largemouth bass in one of the beautiful lakes/dams near El Fuerte! Your guide will let you know that the lake is the best at this time, and provide all equipment for this sport. We have three large lakes near El Fuerte. 5 minutes drive is Lake Dominguez, 15 minutes drive is Lake Hidalgo, and an hour and a half drive is Lake Huites deep into the foothills of the Sierra Madre. For over two decades, Mexico has been a popular destination for America bass fishermen in search of schools of trophy largemouth bass. In the past four years, one of the locations combined has proved a winner, Lake Domínguez Hidalgo lake and the lake Huites emerged as a power in the world of fishing. (If one is not biting, move to the next.) These bass have taken a liking to the mountainous climate, long growing season and abundant