El Fuerte Day Trips | Copper Canyon Tours & Expeditions
Day trips with with bilingual tour guide. Available to the historic colonial cities of Alamos and Cosala, and day trip to topolobampo and Mochis. Day Trip to Topolobampo and Mochis with Dolphins and Seals Encounters Topolobampo Bay, Bird Island & Dolphin Encounter, Yacht Cruise & Los Mochis City Tour. Travel the historic bay of Topolobampo, founded by American settlers came in the 1800s with the idea establishinga utopian socialist community. Check the Yacht Club and enjoy a relaxing two-hour cruise aboard one of our 42 feet safe and comfortable yachts. The captain will take you close to the dolphins that abound in the bay and playing near the boat. Then you will cruise around Bird Island and see hundreds of birds of different species, and closer to the wild nature. Upon returning to the dock, your guide will take you on a picturesque 2 hrs. tour of the city of Los Mochis, founded a century ago by the American pioneer Benjamin Johnston, who began planting sugarcane and the