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The following are our Premium Tour Packages and they are ALL INCLUSIVE, they have a duration of as little of 4 days and up to 8 days. We specialize in custom tour packages so let us design your own Copper Canyon Tour. Copper Canyon Explorer Tour The Excursion Copper Canyon Explorer an Amazing offers 8 fun-filled days of unforgettable sights and landscapes, places and events. Principia Airport Los Mochis. From $1,499 per person. Travel El Chepe and visit: El Fuerte, Posada Barrancas, Cueva del Chivo, Piedra Volada, Las Escaleras, Creel, Cuzarare, Cueva Pintada Bahuichivo, Cueva de las Cruces, Cerro Gallegos. Copper Canyon "Trifecta" Tour Copper Canyon Trifecta: Bus, Train and Cable Car 7-day trip through the Copper Canyon is really a must for all passionate travelers. Beginning in Phoenix / Tucson. From $1,350 per person. Travel by bus and visit Hermosillo, San Carlos, Alamos, Hotel Torres del Fuerte in El Fuerte. By El Chepe train, Posada Barrancas. Ride the cable car,