Bauichivo, Cerocahui & Urique Tours | Copper Canyon Tours & Expeditions
There are more available tours in this area, this is a list of the most popular destinations. We can arrange any type of specialty tour in this area, just let us know. Scenic Hiking in Cerocahui Hike to Cerocahui Waterfall Experience a 5 mile round trip (moderate-difficult) hike along the river a box canyon with the scenic Cerocahui Waterfall. Swimming allowed in the summers. Hike to "Sangre de Cristo" Gold Mine Experience a 3 1/2 mile round trip (moderate-difficult) hike up to the old "Sangre de Cristo" mine. There is plenty of beautiful scenes to see along the way. Hike to "Las Cascaditas" Waterfall Experience a 2 mile round trip (moderate) hike up to "Las Cascaditas" Waterfall. Pass trough an old saw mill, some Tarahumara Ranches and an old cemetery. Horse Back Riding Horse back riding Tours & Expeditions. For less experience to experienced riders, there is a short but pleasurable 5 mile ride along the river to the scenic Cerocahui waterfall. And for the real outdoors