Bauichivo / Cerocahui / Uirique, Chihuahua | Copper Canyon Tours & Expeditions
Picture of Urique Canyon Lookout Point at sunset, click image to view full size, its amazing! Bahuichivo / Cerocahui / Urique Bahuichivo Getting to Bahuichivo from Temoris (previous train stop) is the most exciting part of the El Chepe Train ride. You will be riding through canyons, cliffs, waterfalls, 37 bridges and 86 tunnels along three different levels of tracks. That's why they call El Chepe the most exciting train ride in North America. Cerocahui The town of Urique was founded in 1694 by Jesuit missionaries. The historic mission church with its original altar dating from the mid-1700s, it'a a must see, and is still intact. It is located in the heart of the Sierra Tarahumara, it is surrounded by mountains and valleys and it is just a short ride from Urique canyon, known to be the largest in North America. Scenic Hiking in Cerocahui Hike to Cerocahui Waterfall Experience a 5 mile round trip (moderate-difficult) hike along the river a box