How To Stop Your Dog's Separation Anxiety |
Separation anxiety is an extremely nerve-racking behavioral issue that affects a lot of dogs, as high as 14%. It is considered one of the most misunderstood problems mostly because people trying to treat it by considering this from a human angle and are unable to see the cause. The way to put a stop to separation anxiety is rather simple. Show the animal that you are the leader. Let me explain. Noticing that the following behaviors are warning signs is a start. They can be as wide-ranging as they're stressful for the dog, but by treating them you're not treating the reason behind the issue. Begin by asking yourself the question; does the attitude stop as soon as you return? If this is what you have noticed, then I say that you being away is certainly linked to the cause. Let's have a look at a few of the key symptoms. • Chewing - emits an endorphin the same as the one released when a human is chewing gum in an attempt to stay calm. • Barking, whining - this is a call for the