How to Prevent Your Dog From Being Stolen |
There are a number of reasons why some people will take action and steal a dog. Purebreds can be sold to pet stores and breeders. Smaller dogs have been known to be sold and used as bait for dog fighting rings. There are even some dogs that have been stolen for their fur. It is not the most amusing subject that we are discussing today but it a reality that still has a stronghold on our society and often goes unpunished and to avoid losing our beloved dog, we have to be pro active at all time. Here are some steps you can take to assure the safety of your four-legged friend. When outside in public - Keep your dog on a leash Dogs without a leash are more likely to be a targeted and stolen. It's much simpler for a thief to take a dog that's wandering around by itself and yes, even under your supervision, than a dog that is physically attached to you by a leash. It just takes a few seconds of inattention or that your dog is out of your view for the disappearing act to happen. Always keep