How to Wander, Not Wonder
Traveling has become a large part of the societal norm. It is the right of passage to possess a form of wanderlust as a young millennial. What happens though when someone gets caught up in the thought of wondering and forgets to actually wander. Wondering is a state of doubt and questioning. It allows someone to be curious without taking action, so it is basically a lost cause. Wandering is a physical activity of moving, traveling from place to place without a destination. Isn’t that kind of beautiful? To become lost in the world but ultimately being found. So wandering should be the life goal instead of always wondering. I know a lot of people who only express wondering, if that makes sense. Meaning they have thoughts and dreams of traveling or exploring, but never make them a reality. Maybe it is because they have too much going on at work or they are just afraid to take the chance of trying something new. Then there are the people who leap without thinking. They are making their dreams a reality and seeing the world, even if it is a small hike in their backyard or crossing the ocean. These people are confident and outspoken. But how does one wander and not wonder? Simplify Your Lifestyle De-clutter and learn how to embrace time management skills to make time for new adventures. Practice meditation for 10 minutes a day to clear your mind and reflect on what you truly want out of life. Get rid of things you do not need, including toxic people who are holding you back in life (we’ll have another post coming about this soon). This will also help you when it comes to packing your bags…just saying. Be Open to Trying Something New Stop holding yourself back from what life has in store. Say yes to something outside your comfort zone, who knows what will happen. Meet new people, branching out can be hard but the amount of amazing people I have met while traveling have forever changed my life. They teach you something new about yourself and create friendships you may have never had before. Go somewhere you thought you would only see in pictures. Saying yes to traveling is something you will never regret. Write Down Your Thoughts When you are in a state of wonder, record your thoughts so you can make them a reality. I like making daily to-do lists so I know what I have to do and what I want to do. I also enjoy making “goal” lists, so I know what I want to achieve and give myself a time line of when I need to achieve them. Write down the places you wish to travel and explore. Make sure the list is somewhere visible so you see it everyday. Explore and Wander There comes a time when you just need to commit. Book your ticket, get in your car, get outside and just go. Put down your barriers and just see the world in all of its beauty. Exploring doesn’t have to be some exotic, luxurious trip. It can be a short walk, hike, swim or even a drive to somewhere you have never been. You can also apply this to anything in life, maybe something like a new job or hobby. Commit to it and explore your options. Wander, not wonder through life.