How to Visit the Sólheimasandur Plane Crash
Mayday: The Abandoned DC Plane Crash On our road trip across the southern coast of Iceland, we had several attractions on our to-do list. One of them was the abandoned plane crash of Sólheimasandur. In 1973 a United States Navy DC plane ran out of fuel and crashed on the black beach located right off of Route One. This is a destination to add to your itinerary. The crash is a 2 hour drive from Reykjavík and a 10 minute drive from Skógafoss. You will see a few cars along the side of the road or can use this map to get to the location. The land the crash is located on is currently closed off so you have to park your car and walk from the highway. Make sure to wear comfy and supportive shoes because the duration of the hike back to ground zero is about 45 minutes both ways. So maybe grab a bite to eat before and then get out of the car and walk it off. You will feel like you are on a different planet as you walk across the rocky, deserted land until finally, you come upon the crash. It is eerie and desolate but somehow welcoming. Stay there for awhile and enjoy the view. If you want to skip the crowds of people, I advise you to wait until later in the day to visit Sólheimasandur. X Boots: Merrell X Jacket: Eddie Bauer X Leggings: Lululemon X