T&T Glam: Derma-Rolling
Traveling takes a big toll on my skin. I usually break out from the change in climate, my skin gets dry and flaky from flying and huge, dark circles under my eyes. Since starting my 9-5 job, the under eye bags have started to make an even bigger appearance. I have tried moisturizer, serums and even the frozen metal spoon trick. But nothing seemed to make me look less tired or swollen. Then I read an article on BYRDIE about Derma-Rolling and my whole life changed. What is Derma-Rolling? Derma-Rolling, or micro-needling, is basically rolling hundreds of tiny little needles over your skin, creating micro-incisions that act as a collagen booster and a skin re-definer. Your skin basically goes into production overdrive which tightens the skin. This helps with acne scars, fine lines, discoloration and under eye bags. What do I need? A Derma-roller Hydrating Serum A Jade roller Rose water Moisturizer Why you should try Derma-Rolling On top of wearing sunscreen everyday, you should make sure you are doing all you can to keep your skin looking vibrant and fresh! Collagen production will help keep your skin looking young and ageless. Plus, Derma-Rolling leads to a 90% absorption after use. So make sure you really apply that moisturizer. How do I use a Derma-roller? First off – soak your roller in rubbing alcohol and then rinse with warm water. This is considered a surgical procedure so make sure that your hands are washed and to wear gloves when applying serums and moisturizers. After thoroughly washing my face, I like to use my hydrating serum on my cheeks, chin, forehead, upper lip and under my eyes. I use my derma-roller in this order as well. Start with a straight up and down motion, then horizontal and finish with a diagonal motion. Always lift your roller to move to a new section on your face. To finish, I apply my moisturizer and eye cream. In the morning, I roll, in an outward motion, my chilled Jade roller over my skin with a rose water finish. Make sure to not go too close under your eyes. Roll where your “under eye lids” meet your upper cheek bones and if you are questioning it, check out this video. How often should you use your Derma-roller I have decided to only use mine once every two-weeks. I recommend NOT using it everyday but once or twice a month will make a huge difference. It is also important to clean your derma-roller after every use with rubbing alcohol and to order a new derma-roller every other month or every 5-8 uses. .eic-frame-2506 { width: 500px; height:500px; background-color: #444444; border: 0px solid #444444; }.eic-frame-2506 .eic-image { border: 0px solid #444444; }.eic-frame-2506 .eic-image-0 {background-image: url(