Why Traveling With a Friend is the Best
1. They make roadtrips seem shorter 2. They’ll make you take the road less traveled 3. They will always help you find your way 4. They make you a little more outgoing 5. They don’t mind getting lost 6. A friend will get your ass in the gym 7. They will help you reach the highest peaks 8. They’re the only person who gets you 9. They will make you step outside your comfort zone 10. You get a second suitcase of clothes to share 11. Because sunsets look better when shared with someone 12. The fun is always endless 13. They know how to brighten your day 14. A friend will always tell you the truth 15. If you jump, they’ll follow to make sure you’re okay 16. Sights are always better when you have someone to share them with 17. Because at the end of the day, they are your person