The Ultimate Post-Grad Essential List
Fill in the blank: I would not make it through the day without _____. If you are a recent graduate, your answer may have been coffee, your phone or favorite butt lifting jeans. I can tell you that I would not survive without my Glossier lip salve or daily smoothie. As a post-grad, who has started her first job and is semi-living alone, I have realized that there are certain items I could not do without. It could be an awful day at work, the morning after a long night out or a relaxing night in and having this item just seems to make your world a better place. After I made my own list, I decided to run a little survey with my friends who have also recently graduated to see what their post-grad essential was! I told them it didn’t need to be something materialistic and almost everyone’s answers were different. It may seem silly but what is your post-grad essential? The one item you cannot live without right now? Comment below. Check out the list I made with my friends. Do any of these match yours? POST-GRAD ESSENTIALS A Crock Pot Professional clothes – buh bye to that party girl college look Something motivative, inspirational to keep your day going A Blue Apron subscription A Jet or Boxed subscription Coffee Wine – The most IMPORTANT Necessity of all. Anything from Lush Tea Pardon Me Facemask My car Phone/ laptop My friends An eco-friendly water bottle Fruit Ninja Essential Oils A tote bag Sleep A planner Portable charger Fitbit S’well bottle Emergency flats to keep at my desk Emergen-C Uber Protein anything Glossier products Mint App The Skimm Subscription Gym membership Undereye gels A good moisturizer Comfy but fashionable shoes