The Kardashian Workout: Part 2
If there is one thing I have learned from watching the Kardashian’s snapchat stories, it is that they know how to workout. Well, at least their trainers know how to. The workouts range from high intensity intervals to isolated movements. With a major focus on their assets, the workouts increase stamina, build muscle and focus on strength. If you have tried the week long Kardashian workout plan and could still move on Sunday – you must have been doing something wrong. It is important to keep in mind to fuel your body with the proper amount of energy when working out. Make sure always have a pre and post-workout snack handy. It is also important warm up and cool down when working out. Write out your exercises before hitting the gym, so you have a set routine. Here is the second round of the workouts I have recorded. These workouts are less intense, but feel free to repeat the routines as many times as you wish – leave out the warm ups. If you are looking to do the week long routine, check it out here.