#SoulFoodSunday: Cauliflower Pita
So I know it is Monday, but we can still celebrate #SoulFoodSunday with a mouth watering recipe – right? I know I am not the only one who wishes Monday was the new “Sunday” but I had a very long weekend up in Northern Michigan, with a dear friend of mine and ended up being stranded at my cabin last night…ugh. So anyways there I was without wifi access or any idea of what to make, so I was unable to update you on a new delicious recipe to try. I do apologize. This weekend was fabulous. I will be honest with you, I did not watch what I ate. Let’s just say pizza, wine and donuts were on the menu – but that is what you do Up North. Trust me, it is worth it. But with a goal in my mind of losing weight (the right way) and getting more toned and lean, I decided to start Monday as the new chapter until those goals were achieved. I mean for good this time or at least until someone brings me a shake from Shake Shack but still, commitment. So here was my attempt at buh-bye to junk food and not caring and hello to healthy living once again. Anyways, the recipe I have for you this week is AMAZING. It was one of my favorite dishes I ate throughout my travels and luckily it was also easy to make once I got home. It is packed full of protein and super healthy. I introduce you to: Cauliflower Pitas. Here is what you will need: Cauliflower Pitas Cauliflower (You can buy a whole head or I used the colorful, organic blend from Whole Foods.) Whole wheat pita pockets 1 spoon of Tahini Greek yogurt (I love Siggi’s Vanilla, use about 2 dollops and mix with almond milk) 1 Tomato Sliced red onion 1 clove Garlic Green shallots 1 cup quinoa Cooking: Cook quinoa with 2 cups of water, a little salt and olive oil On low heat, simmer garlic, onion, half of the tomato and shallots in a pan Once onions are clear, add chopped cauliflower pieces Mix the tahini, greek yogurt and almond milk together to create the sauce Throw the other half of the tomato in a blender on high until you get a red, liquid sauce Once cauliflower is soft, mix in the quinoa and sauce into pan Add a pinch of salt and pepper – A PINCH PEOPLE Stuff your pita and top it with your tomato glaze Trust me, this will be the best thing you eat all week. Enjoy! xo