Bike Berlin in a Day
Berlin With only one day in Berlin, I decided it would be a good idea to rent a bike. There was a rental place 10 minutes away from my Airbnb called Bike Ants. The man was super old and did not speak a word of english but he was so helpful gave gave me a beautiful bike for only 10 euros for the entire day. I started my personal bike tour by stopping for breakfast at a vegan restaurant right down the street called Rawtastic. I was super excited because they had Acai bowls. This was probably the first Acai bowl I had had that was made with real Acai. It was amazing. Once I was fueled up, I headed to The Berlin Wall Memorial. I used my offline Google maps for about everything. For some reason though, my map decided to take me around the entire city to get to the memorial instead of simply taking me right down the street from my Airbnb. It is crazy to think that only 50 years ago, this city was besieged for 18 years. People were unable to visit their loved ones over the wall. They dug escape tunnels, were beaten and starved. The ruins of the city that was still remain as a harsh reminder of the hardship the people of West Berlin faced. Not far from the memorial, was the Topographie Des Terrors. This had thousands of images and information about the Nazi regime in Berlin. It kind of makes you cringe. Down the street is Charlie Checkpoint, the old U.S. Visa check between Eastern and Western Germany, and the Brandenburger Gate.Once I snapped a few pictures and peddled what seemed like 20 miles, I grabbed lunch at Chupenga. It was like an off brand Chipotle but still very tasty and flavorful. After I headed towards the East side of town to The East Side Galleries. There were hundreds of paintings and murals on this sections of the wall. It was so cool! It was right by the river and right across the bridge were a ton of restaurants. Unfortunately, I had to have my bike returned by 8pm, so I headed back to the center. I will say biking was the right choice for Berlin. There are bike lanes on every road, you see so much and save money by not calling cabs or Ubers. I saw so much of the city in an entire day and also got in some exercise. My legs were dead by the end of the day. I grabbed dinner at a hole in the wall Indian restaurant. I honestly can not even recall the name of the place because it was not advertised largely outside. The food was delicious and they had several vegetarian options. One Thing I Learned About Booking Train Tickets: The next morning, I caught a tram to the main train station to head to Prague. I had purchased my ticket online and decided not to purchase a seat, thinking that seats would be open. I was so wrong. The car was crowded and all the seats were reserved. As luck would have it, I met two girls from the East coast. Their names were Anne and Leah. Leah’s brother was also traveling with them. We stood in the hallway of the car for an hour and a half before we snagged seats from passengers getting off two hours before our arrival. So if there is one thing I learned, purchase a seat when you book a train ticket. It is worth it.