6 Italian Phrases to Know Before Visiting Italy
If you are planning a trip to Italy, here are a few Italian phrases and worlds to know that will make you sound like a native. Don’t be afraid to use them and remember to roll your R’s: Permesso (Purr-meh-ess-ohh) This word is great for when you are in a crowd of people and need to pass by. It literally means MOVE. So if you find yourself caught in a crowd, simply say premesso and watch the sea of people part like the red sea. Satsia (Sah-t-sia) I use this world often when Nonna Bianca tells me to take more food. It means you are full. Basta! (BAH-STA) When you are siting and enjoying a nice dinner in the piazza and approached by a vendor and have had enough Cosa? (COH-Sah) Say this if someone asks you a question or you need something repeated. It is a way of saying what? Io Prendo una biaccherie di vino rosso (eee-oh prr-end-dough una bee-carry dee vee-no row-so) You cannot be in Italy and not order a glass of wine. I personally enjoy ordering the vino della casa (the wine of the house). It is cheaper than water and perfect with every meal. Io sono Americana (ee-oh so-no Ameri-cana) Say it loud and proud. If you find yourself unable to understand what someone is saying, tell him or her you are American and maybe they will be to speak english or give you an English menu. Speak confidently and you may even fool a local. Italian is a great language to learn and know. It is so beautiful and romantic. I studied it in college and fell in love. If you really want to learn, check out Doulingo. It is a great app for any world traveler who wants to learn a new language.