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I am often asked what made me take the direction I have to become a solution focused hypnotherapist so I thought that this was as good a subject as any to cover in this, my first blog. As I see the start of this website and indeed the realisation of Tom McIntyre Hypnotherapy becoming a reality I begin to think about the personal process I have taken to get to this point. As some may know, I'm a police officer and have been for many years. Changes were made to conditions of police service a couple of years ago and it would have been very easy to have become angry, and get down (not in the disco sense of get down) about what happened – the whole working longer, paying more, getting less thing, and I must admit I probably went through that stage. Then it dawned on me that Life is TOO PRECIOUS to wish away, with the hope of getting a pension to enjoy in later life. I realised how unhealthy it was for me to look to the future whilst forgetting to live in the moment. So, a decision needed to