Trivia Of The Modeling Of The Original Ultraseven Costume #2 | ULTOPIA - amazing ULTRAMAN & TOKUSATSU world
Shigeo Kurakata who served as tokusatsu operation mechanic at the time says in the interview included in the Ultraseven Research Book/Ultraseven Kenkyu Dokuhon that, while he removed the metal bases of the light bulbs to avoid to let the shades of the bases seen through the eyes about the costumes of Ultraman and Ultraseven, it was extremely hard to install the bulbs into Ultraseven's narrow eyes. He states he was told to light the eyes up as brightly as possible against the intense lights in the studio (on the other hand, it is known that Eiji Tsuburaya said Ultraman's eyes glowing brightly in dark looked like Japanese lanterns, which seems to have shown his disapproval). As I wrote in my previous posts, the edges of the eyes are believed to have been colored by a marker which has been available on the market (a long-selling product released from Teranishi Chemical Industry: . The color of Beam Lamp was a dark green in the earlier episodes