Trivia Of The Modeling Of The Original Ultraseven Costume #1 | ULTOPIA - amazing ULTRAMAN & TOKUSATSU world
Following my last post about Eye-Slugger, I am going to write a bit more about the costume modeling of the original Ultraseven designed by Tohl Narita and whose mask was made by Akira Sasaki while it is also meant to summarize what I had written in this blog. When you look at the above photo of the first costume of Ultraseven seemingly shot at the back of the Bisen studio where the tokusatsu scenes of the early Ultra Series were filmed, it shows a line below the chest that looks like a mark of parts of the costume material having been joined there. A piece of online information points out it could possibly have been a mark that shows it was a wet suit prepared for an additional costume of the original Ultraman supposed to be used after the costume known as the Type C if the show should have continued longer than it actually aired. Therefore, according to that information, there is a possibility that the wet suit stored for Ultraman was made into the body of the first Ultraseven